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Suan Zao Ren

Suan Zao Ren, also known as Zizyphus or sour jujube seed, is a type of Chinese herb that is commonly used to nourish the heart yin, augment the liver blood, and quiet the spirit. It is believed to have a sweet and sour taste, and is considered to be neutral in temperature.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Suan Zao Ren is thought to be effective at calming the spirit and preventing abnormal sweating. It is also believed to be beneficial for the heart, liver, spleen, and gallbladder meridians.

Suan Zao Ren should be taken in a dosage of 9-15g, although it is important to note that it should be used with caution during pregnancy. It is also contraindicated for individuals with severe diarrhea or excess heat.

In summary, Suan Zao Ren is a useful herb for nourishing the heart yin, augmenting the liver blood, and calming the spirit. It is best used in appropriate dosages and with caution in certain situations.






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