Traditional Food Remedies

Is there such a thing as longevity food that we can eat in abundant quantities in order to live a long life? Many people, particularly those in the West, are in the habit of jumping from one magic solution to another, but unfortunately, no such foods exist. The basic reason for this is that people have differing physical constitutions and require different foods in order to stay in good health or to be immune from disease. However, in selecting foods in your quest for longevity, there is one fundamental concept that is helpful to keep in mind: Whether or not a given food contributes to longevity basically depends on whether your body needs it.

In 1747, for example, aboard the Salisbury, a naval surgeon by the name of James Lind selected a few patients with scurvy and gave them lemons and oranges. These patients recovered in seven days, while the others who didn't consume any lemons and oranges made no progress. The seamen were in need of vitamin C, which proved beneficial to them. But consuming vitamin C in large quantities may not be beneficial to everyone; in fact, it could be harmful to some individuals, especially those who consume lemons and oranges frequently and are not in need of extra vitamin C.

If you are at risk of, say, hypertension, you should eat foods that can either prevent it or lower blood pressure. Similarly, if you are at risk of hepatitis, you should eat foods that can help prevent it. Many foods are good for people at risk of hypertension, such as celery, peanuts, garlic, jellyfish, and seaweed. Similarly, many foods are good for people at risk of hepatitis, such as malt, pork gall bladder, tea, and common button mushrooms.

The foods presented in these articles are good for longevity not because they will make you live a long life if you simply consume them in huge quantities, but because they are particularly conducive to longevity for a specific reason.

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