Early Periods

Early periods, also known as premature or premenstrual bleeding, are menstrual cycles that come consistently up to 9 days early, resulting in a cycle that is less than 28 days long. This occurs more than twice in a row. The amount of bleeding during early periods may be normal, scant, or excessive.

Causes of Early Periods

  • Excessive physical work or an irregular diet
  • Overwork or menopausal decline of Kidney Qi
  • An irregular diet or invasion of external Heat
  • Emotional stress or chronic illness
  • Overwork, too many children, or chronic bleeding

The Pathology of Early Periods

The pathology of early periods can be divided into two groups: Qi deficiency and Blood-Heat. Deficient Qi (whether Spleen- or Kidney-Qi) fails to hold blood in the vessels, while Blood-Heat (whether from Full- or Empty-Heat) pushes the blood out of the vessels.

Treatment for Early Periods

The treatment for early periods can be given according to the four phases of the menstrual cycle. In cases of Qi deficiency, treatment is given during and after the period (first and second phases). In cases of Full-Heat, treatment is given before and during the period (fourth and first phases). In cases of Empty-Heat, treatment is given during and at mid-cycle (first and third phases).