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Xu Duan

Xu Duan

Discover the incredible herb known as Xu Duan, or Teasel, renowned for its remarkable ability to heal fractures and promote bone health. In this article, we explore the uses, dosage, indications, and the fascinating story behind its name.

The Miraculous Healing

A village herbalist encountered a distraught mother grieving over her supposedly deceased child. However, with swift action, the herbalist administered ten tiny Xu Duan tablets, and the child regained consciousness within hours. The mother was told that her child would fully recover within a month.

The Envious Monopolist

A powerful and wealthy man monopolizing the herb business in the village desired the tablets for himself. Frustrated by the herbalist's refusal, he resorted to violence, breaking the herbalist's legs.

Triumph over Adversity

Despite the attack, the herbalist climbed a mountain and gathered an herb to heal his shattered limbs. After a couple of months, his legs had completely healed, and he resumed treating patients.

The Legacy of Xu Duan

Before his demise, the herbalist passed on his knowledge to a young man who aided him. This young man shared the healing properties of the herb with the villagers, naming it "Fracture Healer."

Understanding Xu Duan (Teasel)

  • Family: Dipsacaceae
  • Chinese name: reconnect broken parts
  • Scientific name: Dipsacus asper Wall
  • Pharmaceutical name: Radix Dipsaci
  • Part used: root
  • Dosage: 5 to 10g
  • Flavor: bitter and pungent
  • Energy: slightly warm
  • Class: herbs to counteract rheumatism and herbs to correct deficiencies
  • Meridians: liver and kidneys
  • Actions: tonify liver and kidneys, strengthen loins and knees, connect tendons and bones, and secure the fetus
  • Indications: lumbago, soft legs, disconnected tendons and fractures, insecure fetus, and vaginal bleeding.

The Healing Power of Teasel

Teasel is highly effective in treating lumbago, alleviating lower back pain by tonifying the liver and kidneys. It also addresses soft legs, restoring strength and stability to the legs by strengthening the loins and knees.

Teasel's potent properties stimulate the growth of new bone tissue, accelerating the healing of disconnected tendons and fractures. It restores bone strength and integrity, making it invaluable for individuals recovering from bone injuries.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Teasel secures the fetus during pregnancy, reducing the risk of miscarriage or premature labor. Its tonifying effects on the liver and kidneys create a nourishing environment for the developing fetus, ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

To ensure safe and effective use, consult a qualified herbalist or healthcare practitioner for the recommended dosage of 5 to 10g.

Teasel, or Xu Duan, has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine. Its ability to tonify the liver and kidneys, strengthen tendons and bones, and promote overall bone health has made it a treasured herb for centuries. Embrace the wisdom of Teasel and unlock its healing potential for bone health and recovery.

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