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Ginseng Root



Ginseng Root, also known as Ginseng Radix et Rhizoma, is a tonifying herb. It is believed to tonify the Qi and strengthen the Spleen and Stomach. Ginseng Root also has the ability to tonify the Lungs and augment the Qi. It generates fluids, stops thirst, benefits the Heart Qi, and calms the spirit. Its taste is sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste, and it is slightly warm in temperature. The recommended dosage of Ginseng Root is between 1-3g.


    1. Steaming bone disorder;
    2. Bleeding due to heat in the blood;
    3. Ascendant Liver yang;
    4. Conditions due to fire from constraint;
    5. Avoid high doses of caffeine or other stimulants.


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