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Fu Zi

Contraindicated in pregnancy; deficient yin with abundant yang; true heat and false cold

Fu Zi (zhi) is the processed root of the Szechuan aconite plant, and it falls under the category of Warm Interior, Expel Cold in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has a spicy taste and a hot, toxic temperature. Fu Zi is known for its ability to revive devastated yang and rescue from rebellion. It also warms the fire and assists the yang, disperses cold, warms channels, and alleviates pain. However, there are some contraindications to consider before use, including pregnancy, deficient yin and abundant yang, and true heat and false cold. The recommended dosage is 1-5g (powder), and caution must be taken when combining it with other substances, as it antagonizes Wu Gong and counteracts Xi Jiao and Lu Dou.