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Cynanchum Atratum

Cynanchum Atratum

Cynanchum Atratum, also known as Bai Wei in Pinyin, is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is often used to clear heat and cool the blood. It is thought to have a bitter and salty taste and is considered to be cold in temperature.

Cynanchum Atratum is believed to have the following functions and indications:

  • Clearing heat and cooling the blood: Cynanchum Atratum is often used to treat heat entering the nutritive or blood levels, yin deficient fever, persistent summertime fever in children, postpartum fever, and lingering fever.

  • Cooling the blood and promoting urination: This herb may also be used to treat hot or painful bloody urine, dribbling, especially before or after giving birth.

  • Relieving inflammation and toxins: Cynanchum Atratum may be used to treat sore throat, abscess, and snake bite.

It is important to note that Cynanchum Atratum has strong cardiotonic properties and should be used with caution to avoid overdose (30-45g). This herb is associated with the lung, kidney, and stomach meridians in traditional Chinese medicine. As with all herbs, it should be used under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

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