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Good for: High blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, and blood in urine.

Neutral, sweet, and a bit bitter. Shiny look. Connects to your stomach and liver.

How to Use Celery:

  • For Warm Body and Trouble Sleeping:
    If a baby seems too warm and can't sleep well, celery might help. Boil some celery pieces for a few seconds and serve. This may help cool down the body.

  • Balance Liver and Kidneys:
    In Chinese cooking, celery is often mixed with pork kidneys. Celery calms you, while pork kidneys may strengthen the kidneys.

  • Pressure and Headaches:
    Cooking celery with vinegar might help lower high blood pressure and lessen headaches.

  • For Dizziness and Headaches:
    Mix fresh celery juice with honey. This could offer relief from dizziness and headaches linked to high blood pressure.

  • During Pregnancy and Menopause:
    Drinking fresh celery juice daily might relieve high blood pressure symptoms during these times.


  • In Rats:
    Studies have shown that celery may help lower blood pressure in rats.

Clinical Reports:

  • On Blood Pressure:
    Fresh celery juice mixed with honey or syrup was given to people three times a day. Most of them felt better and had lowered blood pressure.

  • Using Celery Roots:
    Boiling celery roots with red dates has also been found to help. It lowered bad cholesterol in some cases.


  • Link to the Liver:
    According to Chinese theory, celery helps with high blood pressure by affecting the liver.

  • About Sodium:
    Even though celery has sodium, which is often thought bad for high blood pressure, the amount is so small it likely won't hurt you.

  • Cooling Effect:
    In Chinese food beliefs, celery can help cool down internal heat in both kids and adults.

Note: These are based on traditional beliefs and should not replace professional medical advice.

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