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Barley Sprout

Barley Sprout

Medicated leaven, also known as Mai Ya (Chao), is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) remedy derived from Hordei Germinatus Fructus, or barley sprouts. It is primarily used to relieve food stagnation and improve digestion. This article will explore the properties, benefits, and usage of Mai Ya (Chao) tincture. To purchase this tincture, follow this Amazon affiliate link: Mai Ya (Chao) Tincture

TCM Patterns and Symptoms

Mai Ya (Chao) is primarily used to treat spleen deficiency, stuck food, liver-Qi stagnation, stomach-Qi deficiency, and spleen-Qi deficiency. There are no specific tongue or pulse patterns listed for this remedy.

Directions for Use

Before using the Mai Ya (Chao) tincture, shake the bottle well. It is essential to follow the instructions on the label for proper dosage and usage.


Mai Ya (Chao) should not be used by nursing mothers or individuals with a gluten allergy.


The primary and only ingredient in Mai Ya (Chao) tincture is dry-fried barley sprouts (麥芽).

Treatment Principles

Mai Ya (Chao) tincture works by addressing several treatment principles:

  1. Reduce food stagnation
  2. Soften hardness
  3. Improve appetite
  4. Strengthen the stomach

Properties and Channels

Mai Ya (Chao) is associated with the liver, spleen, and stomach channels in TCM. It has a neutral property and a sweet taste.


Mai Ya (Chao), or medicated leaven, is a beneficial traditional Chinese medicine remedy for those experiencing food stagnation and related digestive issues. With its neutral properties and sweet taste, it helps reduce food stagnation, soften hardness, improve appetite, and strengthen the stomach. If you're interested in trying Mai Ya (Chao) tincture, purchase it through this Amazon affiliate link: Mai Ya (Chao) Tincture

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