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Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell, also known as Haliotidis Concha or Shi Jue Ming in Chinese, is a unique and highly valued traditional Chinese medicine herb that is used to cool liver heat, extinguish wind, and stop tremors. It is primarily associated with the liver and kidney meridians, and is believed to have a cooling property that is effective in calming and soothing the liver.

Abalone Shell is typically harvested from the Haliotis genus of marine snails found along the coastlines of China, Japan, and Korea. After being cleaned and processed, it is commonly used in TCM formulas to treat liver fire, liver yang-rising, and liver heat. It is also used to improve vision and treat a variety of other conditions.

In addition to its liver-related benefits, Abalone Shell is also believed to be effective in nourishing the kidney yin and tonifying the essence. It is often used to treat conditions such as tinnitus, dizziness, and premature graying of hair.

While Abalone Shell is generally considered safe and well-tolerated, it should not be used in cases of cold from deficiency, spleen or stomach deficiency, appetite-lacking, or loose stools. It is also important to consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using Abalone Shell or any other herbal remedy, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing medical condition.

The recommended dosage for Abalone Shell is 1-2g per day, taken orally in decoction or powder form. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare professional before using Abalone Shell or any other herbal remedy.

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