Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are key ideas in Chinese medicine. They come from old Chinese thinking and help explain how everything changes. In our bodies, yin and yang also matter. The inside of the body is yin, while the outside is yang. Organs like the heart are yin, and things like our intestines are yang. Yin is like a battery storing energy, and yang is all about being active. It's like yin stays inside, taking care of the home, while yang is outside, protecting against danger.

When talking about health problems, yin and yang help us understand what's going on. If yin gets too strong, yang gets weak, and you might feel cold. If yang gets too strong, yin gets weak, and you might feel hot. If yang is low, you'll feel cold on the outside. If yin is low, you'll feel hot inside.

The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine is an old book that talks about this. A good health expert will look at your skin color and feel your pulse. They use yin and yang to understand your symptoms as a first step.

For helping you feel better, the key is balancing yin and yang. Some ways to do this include calming down what's too much and boosting what's too little. The old book says if you have a hot issue, use cool herbs. If you have a cold issue, use warm herbs. Balance yin in yang problems and balance yang in yin problems.