Wind Blocking the Ear: Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

The inner ear can become infected, which is a common disorder in children. This type of infection is typically acute and caused by wind accompanied by heat (the most common) or cold entering the channels around the ear. If left untreated within the first few days, the pathogen can move from the surface deeper into the body, often reaching the shao yang level.

Signs and symptoms

  • Unilateral hearing loss and/or tinnitus that starts suddenly, often accompanied by pain, pressure, blockage, or itching in the ear. If heat is present, there may be a sticky, yellow discharge from the ear.
  • Fever and chills
  • Headache and muscle and joint aches
  • Cough and nasal congestion
  • Dislike of wind
  • Thin, white or yellow tongue coating or unremarkable tongue coating
  • Floating pulse

Healing approach

The goal is to remove wind and improve the function of the lungs, as well as clear the exterior and open the ears.