Wind is one of the six things from outside the body that can make you feel sick. Sometimes, wind teams up with another thing, like cold, heat, dampness, or dryness, to make you feel bad. Wind is known as a yang energy, and it can make your symptoms move around a lot and change often.

There are two kinds of wind that can affect you: external and internal. External wind comes from the outside and attacks your body. Internal wind comes from inside your body. It can happen when there's too much heat or fire inside you. It can also happen if you have low blood and energy. Symptoms of internal wind can include feeling dizzy, fainting, shaking, feeling numb, and having a dry mouth and eyes.

When wind makes you sick, it's often called a common cold. There are two main types: a cold caused by wind and cold, and a cold caused by wind and heat. These two types need different kinds of care.