Two Kinds of Sicknesses

Weak Body Sicknesses

Sometimes, our bodies get sick because they are weak and can't fight off germs. This is like being too tired to keep a door closed when the wind is trying to blow it open.

Build-up Sicknesses

Other times, we get sick not because of germs but because something is wrong inside our body. Think of this like a sink getting clogged. For example, having too much cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure.

Foods to Help Us

Western Foods

Foods we usually eat help us when our body is weak, but they don't do much for the build-up sicknesses.

Chinese Foods

Chinese medicine teaches us about foods that can help with both kinds of sicknesses. They help make everything inside our body just right, so we don't get sick as often.

Inside and Outside Our Body

We live in two kinds of places: the world around us, with its weather and trees, and the world inside our body. If something goes wrong in either place, we might get one of those build-up sicknesses.

Chinese medicine teaches us about foods that help keep the inside of our body just right. Some foods make us strong when we're weak, and others help clear out the build-up.

Doctors and Sickness

Western doctors often try to get rid of germs, but sometimes that hurts our body too. Chinese medicine teaches us another way. Think of it like birds leaving when the weather changes. If we make our body a place where germs don't like to stay, they will leave on their own.

Taking Care of Our Body's Inside World

We know that dirty air and water outside can make us sick. The same goes for the inside of our body. If it gets too hot or wet inside, it can make us sick.

We can eat certain foods to help keep the inside of our body just right. If we have a fever, foods like green onion can help us sweat and get better. If we know what usually goes wrong inside our body, we can eat foods to stop it from happening.

Conclusion: Eating Right to Stay Healthy

There are two ways our body can get sick. If we know what's wrong, we can eat the right foods to help us. This is a way to stay healthy that doesn't just try to chase away sickness but helps our body be a place where sickness doesn't want to stay. It's like taking care of a garden, making sure everything is just right so the plants grow strong and healthy.