Tinnitus from Kidney deficiency


1 Chronic backache
2 Deafness
2 Diarrhea
1 Frequent miscarriage
2 Hair falling out easily
1 Large quantities of urine with no thirst or drink
2 Love of lying down with desire to sleep
1 Pain (falling) in the lower abdomen with desire for massage
2 Ringing in ears and deafness
2 Ringing in ears like the sound of a cicada that goes on and on
2 Toothache
2 Urinary disorders

Remedial Principle

to water yin and suppress yang and to tone the kidneys

Remedial Formula

Er-Long-Zuo-Ci-Wan or Da-Bu-Yin-Wan

Food Remedies

abalone, asparagus, chicken egg, white fungus, black sesame seed, beef kidney, chestnut, chicken liver, lobster, pork kidney, raspberry, scallop, sea cucumber, shrimp, string bean and walnut