The Small Intestine

The small intestine's primary function is to receive water and grains from the stomach, transform foods, and differentiate clear energy from turbid energy. Clear energy is absorbed and transmitted to different parts of the body through the spleen, while turbid energy is passed on to the large intestine and bladder for excretion. The heart and small intestine are connected through meridians and have a yin-yang relationship with each other. When the heart meridian suffers from excess fire, it can cause symptoms such as short streams of reddish urine, burning sensations in the urethra, and pain or discharge of blood on urination, which should be treated by clearing the heart and promoting urination.

There are two major syndromes of the heart: blood deficiency of the heart and yin deficiency of the heart. These syndromes can cause general weakness, neurosis, and anemia, with symptoms such as palpitations, depression, insomnia, many dreams, forgetfulness, and cast shock. Blood deficiency of the heart is characterized by a pale complexion, a pale tongue, and a deep and fine pulse, while yin deficiency of the heart is characterized by fever, night sweats, red eyes, feeling depressed, a hot and dry mouth, a red tongue, and a rapid pulse. Yin deficiency of the heart should be treated by toning up the yin of the heart, while blood deficiency of the heart should be treated by toning up the blood of the heart, and securing the spirits of the heart is necessary.

Energy deficiency of the heart and yang deficiency of the heart are also syndromes of the heart that can cause heart disease, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, shock, and other symptoms. Heart energy deficiency is characterized by excessive perspiration, becoming worse with labor or movement, congestion in the region before the heart, a pale tongue with thin and white coating, and a fine and weak or clotting and slowing pulse. Heart yang deficiency is characterized by cold sensations and cold limbs. In cases of heart yang deficiency prolapse, there will be severe perspiration, coma, extremely cold limbs, and a disappearing pulse about to exhaust. Heart energy deficiency should be treated by toning up heart energy, heart yang deficiency should be treated by warming up heart yang, and heart yang deficiency prolapse should be treated by restoring yang and fixing the prolapse.