The Method of Tonification

Tonification is an important principle in Chinese medicine that can be used to treat inherent and acquired deficiencies. The following four methods of tonification are used to address signs of yin or yang deficiency, energy deficiency, blood deficiency, shortage of semen, or shortage of fluids.

To Tone Up Energy Deficiency

This method involves treating the energy deficiency syndrome, lungs energy deficiency syndrome, and spleen energy deficiency syndrome. Common symptoms include fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, feeble and low voice, asthma triggered by labor or movements, whitish complexion, poor appetite, watery stools, excessive perspiration, edema, weak pulse, prolapse of the anus, and prolapse of the uterus.

To Tone Up Blood Deficiency

This method is used to treat the blood deficiency syndrome. Symptoms may include a pale or withering and yellowish complexion, pale lips and nails, dizziness, spots in front of the eyes, palpitations, insomnia, irregular menstrual periods, scant menstrual flow in light color, numbness of hands and feet, pale tongue, and fine pulse.

To Tone Up Yin Deficiency

This method is used to treat the yin deficiency syndrome. Symptoms may include weight loss, dry mouth and throat, dizziness, ringing in the ears, sore loins and weak legs, red tongue with scant coating, and fine pulse. The same treatment principle is effective for the deficiency fire syndrome, with symptoms such as red lips, reddish appearance in the wygora, feeling depressed, insomnia, hot sensations in the middle of the palms and soles of the feet, periodic fever, night sweats, seminal emission, and discharge of blood from the mouth.

To Tone Up Yang Deficiency

This method is used to treat the yang deficiency syndrome, which may cause symptoms such as fear of cold, cold limbs, sore loins, weak legs, cold pain across the loins or in the legs, impotence, sliding ejaculation, a long stream of plentiful clear urine, and pale or weak pulse.