Pre-Menopause Package

We recognize the unique challenges that come with the pre-menopausal phase. To provide you with the support and care needed during this transformative stage, we've developed our Pre-Menopause Package, a comprehensive program that blends Chinese herbal medicine, and holistic health practices.

What the Package Includes

Our Pre-Menopause Package is designed to help you navigate the changes occurring in your body, and includes:

Initial Consultation: A thorough review of your health history, lifestyle, and well-being goals, helping us to customize your care plan.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Personalized herbal formulas designed to promote hormonal balance, and improve overall wellness.

Nutrition Counseling: Expert guidance on nutrition to support optimal health during the pre-menopause phase.

Stress Management Techniques: Techniques such as guided meditation and deep-breathing exercises to manage stress and enhance emotional well-being.

Follow-Up Consultations: Regular follow-up sessions to track progress and modify treatments as your body's needs change.

    Who It's For

    Our Pre-Menopause Package is designed for individuals:

    • Entering the pre-menopause phase and experiencing symptoms like irregular periods, sleep problems, mood changes, or hot flashes
    • Seeking a holistic, natural approach to manage pre-menopause symptoms and enhance overall health

    Why Choose Hamedani Health

    Under the guidance of Dr. Hamedani, a leading holistic health practitioner, Hamedani Health provides personalized, comprehensive care to navigate this stage of life. Our integrative approach addresses the root cause of health issues, promotes overall well-being, and seeks to support your body's natural transitions.

    Embark on a journey to balanced health during pre-menopause with our comprehensive Pre-Menopause Package. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.