Mastering Water Balance and Achieving a Healthy Weight

If you're struggling with weight issues, you're likely battling two main culprits: excess fat and water retention. The key to wellness is not only removing these from your body but also preventing their accumulation. So, how can you achieve this?

Chinese medicine proposes a solution: 'fire.' This concept might seem puzzling at first, but once understood, it can be a powerful tool in managing weight. So, what is this 'fire'? It's a metaphorical element within our bodies that functions similarly to fire in cooking. Just as fire burns fat and boils water in cooking, the 'fire' within us does the same.

Let's take a deeper look at this phenomenon. A common question is: does our body really have a 'fire' that burns excess fat and expels surplus water? Let's use an example from my childhood experience of raising chickens to explain this concept.

When I was a kid, I raised chickens. The goal was for them to grow big and fat quickly to ensure a profitable business. Hens tend to fatten up easily, but roosters usually stay lean. However, there's a trick to make a rooster gain weight rapidly: by removing its testis, it will gain significant weight in no time.

Why does this happen? The presence of a testis in a rooster plays a crucial role in weight control. The same applies to humans and other animals. Testes are responsible for sexual functions, and in Chinese medicine, they're also considered as the 'burning fire' within the body, helping control weight.

In the context of Chinese medicine, the testes are referred to as 'external kidneys.' Since women don't have testes and their ovaries don't 'burn' as intensely as men's testes, it's not surprising that women are more prone to weight gain.

Chinese medicine also classifies everything into 'yin' and 'yang,' including the kidneys. Kidney 'yin' signifies the water content in the kidneys, while kidney 'yang' represents the 'fire.'

'Kidney fire' is related to the kidney's energy levels, activity, and sexual performance. For example, if a man is sexually overactive, it's attributed to an 'excessive kidney fire.' Conversely, if a man becomes sexually impotent, it's due to 'insufficient kidney fire.'

A man with a high level of 'kidney fire' tends to be slim and possess strong sexual capacity. The 'fire' keeps burning fat and expelling water from the body, preventing obesity. Therefore, increasing your 'kidney fire' is a key strategy to staying slim and healthy. Remember, being slim means being fit and active. Nature doesn't mix obesity with strong sexual capacity. So, embrace the concept of 'fire' to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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