Infertility in Women Pattern Calculator

Simultaneous deficiency of energy and blood

Bleeding of various kinds with blood in light color, often seen in consumptive diseases (1)
Dizziness (1)
Fatigue (1)
Flying objects seen in front of the eyes (1)
Insomnia (1)
Irregular menstruation (1)
Low energy (1)
Low voice (1)
Menstrual flow in light-red color (4)
Mentally depressed (1)
Regular menstruation, but with very scant flow, lasting for one or two days only (3)
Numbness of limb (1)
Pale complexion and lips (1)
Pale nails (1)
Palpitations (1)

Yin deficiency

Bleeding from gums (1)
Constipation (1)
Dizziness (1)
Dry and scant stools, dry sensations in the mouth, or dry throat (1)
Fatigue (1)
Headache in the afternoon (1)
Low fever in the afternoon (1)
Menstrual flow in dark color (1)
Night sweats (1)
Nosebleed (1)
Pain in the throat, also red and swollen (1)
Palms of hands and soles of feet are both hot (1)
Palpitations with insecure feeling (1)
Regular menstruation with scant flow, lasting for half a day or one day (1)
Short and reddish streams of urine (1)
Sleeplessness (1)
Swallowing difficulty (1)
Toothache (1)
Underweight (1)
Vomiting of blood or nosebleed during menstrual periods (1)

Cold and deficient womb

Cold pain or cold sensations in the lower abdomen or cold sensations in the genitals (10)
Dark, blackish menstrual flow (1)
Failure of the fetus to grow (1)
Fetus motion (1)
Frequent miscarriage (1)
Functional disturbances of the ovary (1)
Habitual miscarriage (1)
Pale complexion (1)
Poor appetite (1)
Thin and watery menstrual flow in light color (1)
Underdevelopment of the womb (1)

Hot blood

Abdominal pain that occurs at the onset of menstrual periods (1)
Deep-red or violet menstrual flow (1)
Discharge of blood from the anus before periods (1)
Fever after childbirth (1)
Irregularity of menstrual periods (1)
Menstrual flow somewhat heavy (1)
Menstrual flow with a bad smell (1)
Nosebleed (1)
Plentiful menstrual flow (1)
Premature menstrual periods, which may be more than 10 days early or two periods within one month (7)
Red and plentiful menstrual flow (1)
Skin ulcers (1)
Vaginal bleeding (1)
Vomiting of blood or nosebleed during menstrual periods (1)

Liver energy congestion

Abdominal pain (1)
Convulsions (1)
Irregularity of menstrual periods (1)
Menstrual pain (5)
Morning sickness (1)
Numbness (1)
Pain in the upper abdomen (2)
Premature periods or overdue period (1)
Shortage of milk secretion after childbirth (2)
Stomachache (2)
Subjective sensations of objects in the throat (2)
Vomiting of blood (1)
Whitish vaginal discharge (1)


Discharge of sputum that can be coughed out easily or discharge of white, watery sputum (1)
Dizziness (1)
Excessive whitish vaginal discharge (1)
Frequent coughs during pregnancy that are prolonged and cause motion of the fetus (1)
Headache (1)
Hiccups (1)
Light-red menstrual flow (1)
Menstrual periods overdue frequently (1)
Morning sickness (1)
Turbid and sticky menstrual flow (1)
Pain in the chest (1)
Panting (1)
Plentiful menstrual flow (1)
Prolonged dizziness (1)
Sleep a lot or sleeplessness (1)
Susceptible to morning sickness during pregnancy (1)
Suppression of menses (1)
Vomiting (1)
White, sliding sputum that can be cleared from the throat easily (1)
Whitish vaginal discharge (1)