Immune Health and Nutrients

Why Food Matters

Have you ever thought about what food does for our body? Food is like fuel for our body, and it helps us in ways that are very important.

The Five Essentials in Food

Scientists found that there are five really important things in food that our body needs:

  1. Carbohydrates: Think of sugars and starches. They're like the body's main fuel, keeping us running and active.

  2. Proteins: These are the builders. They help make and fix parts of our body.

  3. Fats: Fats are like our backup fuel. They give energy too.

  4. Vitamins: Vitamins are helpers that make sure everything in our body is working right.

  5. Minerals: Minerals are like the nuts and bolts that keep our body strong and steady.

These five essentials are like a team of superheroes for our body. We're still learning, and there might be more secrets hiding in what we eat!

Why Not Just Eat the Superheroes?

You might wonder why we can't just eat those five things and forget about the rest of our food. Well, scientists tried that with rats, and it didn't work! The rats that ate only those five things got sick. So we know it's not just about those five things. There's something special in food that keeps us healthy.

We Need More Than Just Five

Today, doctors don't tell people to eat only those five things. There's something about food that gives us more than just those superheroes. When we eat food, it's like giving our body a big hug. It helps us stay strong and makes us feel good.


So, next time you have a meal, think about the superheroes in your food! They're working together to keep you strong and healthy. Food is not just tasty; it's our body's best friend!

Remember, eat well and be happy! That's the secret recipe for a strong body.