Headache from Wind-Dampness


1 Chronic backache
1 Diarrhea
1 Eczema
1 Edema
1 Fever that becomes more severe in the afternoon
1 German measles
3 Headache with heavy or tight sensations in the head
6 Heavy sensations in the body
1 Itchy sores
1 Light swelling
1 Pain in all the joints
1 Pain shifting around with no fixed region
1 Scant urine

Remedial Principle

to drive out wind, overcome dampness and relieve pain

Remedial Formula

Qiang-Huo-Sheng-Shi- Tang

Food Remedies

Job's-tears, orange peel, peppermint, spearmint, sweet basil, celery, coconut meat, green onion, jellyfish skin, prickly ash, rice, adzuki bean, rosin and tangerine