Headache from Liver Yang upsurging


1 Bitter taste in the mouth
1 Dizziness
1 Feeling insecure while asleep
1 Headache
1 Headache in women
5 Headache on the side of the head*
1 Headache with dizziness
1 Headache with severe pain and swelling
1 Heavy sensations in head and light sensations in feet
1 Misty vision
1 Numbness
1 Numbness of fingers
1 Pain and swelling in the ribs
1 Pain in the ribs
1 Red complexion
1 Ringing in ears and deafness

Remedial Principle

to calm the liver and oppress the yang and to stop the wind and relieve pain

Remedial Formula


Food Remedies

chicken egg yolk, cheese, kidney bean, abalone, cut-tlefish, duck, duck egg. white fungus, oyster, pork, royal jelly and celery