Headache from Dampness-sputum


1 Cough
1 Discharge of sputum that can be coughed out easily
1 Discharge of white, watery sputum
1 Dizziness
1 Excessive whitish vaginal discharge
1 Frequent coughs during pregnancy that are prolonged and cause motion of fetus
3 Headache with dizziness*
1 Hiccups
1 Pain in the chest
1 Panting
1 Prolonged dizziness
1 Sleep a lot
1 Sleeplessness
1 Suppression of menses
1 Vomiting
1 White, sliding sputum that can be cleared from throat easily
1 Whitish vaginal discharge
1 Women susceptible to morning sickness during pregnancy

Remedial Principle

to transform sputum and mobilize the spleen and to relieve pain

Remedial Formula


Food Remedies

peppermint, spearmint, sweet basil, celery, coconut meat, green onion, aspara-gus, bamboo shoot, date, leaf or brown mustard, mustard seed, black and white pepper, fresh ginger and crown daisy