Headache from Blood Deficiency


1 Constipation
1 Dizziness
1 Dry and cracked lips and mouth
1 Dry sensations in the mouth
1 Fatigue
1 Fever
3 Headache as if being pulled by a string
3 Headache in the afternoon
3 Headache with dizziness
1 Lying down with an inability to sit up, which will cause dizziness
1 Night sweats
1 Sleeplessness
1 Underweight with dry skin
1 White complexion

Remedial Principle

to nourish the blood soften up the liver and stop the pain

Remedial Formula


Food Remedies

Abalone, asparagus, cuttle-fish, chicken egg, duck egg, white fungus, beef liver, grape, mandarin fish, oyster, milk, beef, cherry, blood clam's, and longan nuts.