Fire is the sixth outside force that can lead to health problems like warm heat and summer heat. Fire is also made from yang energy and turns into what's known as body fire. There are different kinds of body fire, like main fire, helper fire, and small fire.

Fire can also show up because something in the body isn't working right. This can happen when outside forces or even strong feelings and internal hurts change into fire. This kind of fire is called bad fire.

Fire can be too much or not enough. When there's too much fire, you often see it in quick, hot health issues. Signs might include high fever, lots of sweating, feeling really thirsty, not thinking clearly, eyes looking pink, face turning red, bleeding from the mouth, nosebleeds, red tongue, a yellow and dry tongue coating, and a fast, strong heartbeat.

Not enough fire happens when the body's fluids are low. You usually see this in long-term health problems. Signs might include feeling rushed, not sleeping well, having dreams that make you feel warm, sweating at night, coughing up stuff with some blood in it, a red tongue with little coating, and a quick but weak heartbeat.