Feeling of Suffocation During Pregnancy

Feeling of Suffocation During Pregnancy is a condition characterized by anxiety, breathlessness, and a feeling of tightness in the chest. The condition is caused by emotional problems such as worry and fear, which lead to stagnation of Qi in the heart and lungs. Overwork can also injure the kidneys and weaken the directing and penetrating vessels, leading to a deficiency of blood and/or Yin in these vessels.

The main patterns associated with this condition are stagnation of Qi, deficiency of Blood, deficiency of the Kidneys, and disharmony of the Penetrating Vessel. Two main subtypes can be distinguished:

  1. Stagnation of Qi with disharmony of the Liver and Spleen. This subtype is characterized by symptoms such as suffocation, anxiety, tightness in the chest, mental restlessness, irritability, insomnia, and an inability to lie down. The tongue may be pale and the pulse slightly wiry.

  2. Stagnation of Qi with deficiency of Blood and Kidneys. This subtype is characterized by similar symptoms, but may also include blurred vision, dizziness, backache, frequent urination, and depression. The tongue may be pale and the pulse slightly wiry and weak on both rear positions.

Treatment of this condition typically involves Chinese herbs to move Qi, eliminate stagnation, subdue rebellious Qi, harmonize the Penetrating Vessel, nourish Blood, tonify the Kidneys, calm the Mind, and calm the fetus. The prognosis is generally good, but may be more difficult if there is a background of Kidney-Yin deficiency. Prevention strategies include avoiding overwork and emotional stress, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.