Epigastric Pain: Liver Qi Invading the Stomach

The Liver and Stomach disharmony is a manifestation of tumultuous energy in which the Liver (wood) dominates the Stomach (earth), obstructing the flow of qi and blood and causing chronic or recurrent tension in the gastric muscles. In its early stages, epigastric pain occurs in sporadic intervals related to emotional stress, while in its later stages, the pain is complicated by additional pathologies such as heat, food stagnation, damp-heat, blood stasis, or a combination thereof.

The principle of treatment involves freeing the Liver, relieving tension, and regulating qi. The goal is to harmonize the Liver and Stomach and bring an end to the pain.

The recommended herbal formula includes:

Vinegar-fried Bupleurum root (6-9g)
Vinegar-fried Paeonia root (6-9g)
Unripe Aurantium fruit (6-9g)
Prepared Licorice root (6-9g)