Energy is what makes all human activities go. When your energy isn't right, it can mess up how your organs work. And if your organs aren't working right, it can mess up your energy too. Most of the time, energy problems fall into two groups: having too little or having too much.

When you don't have enough energy, your body's functions slow down. This can make it harder for your body to handle sickness. You might see this happen in long-lasting illnesses, as you get older, or when you're getting better from a sudden sickness. When you're low on energy, you might feel really tired, weak, and just not in the mood for anything. You could be out of breath, sweat a lot, and have a pale face and light-colored tongue. To help your body, you need to boost your energy.

When you have too much energy, it can get stuck and make you feel bad. Energy should flow easily all through your body. But things like stress, not eating right, or getting hurt can mess up that flow. This can make your chest feel tight or make your belly hurt. Sometimes, it can even make your chest or belly swell up. To make it better, you have to get your energy flowing right again.

There's also a kind of energy problem called "energy upsurging," or "energy rebellion." This might show up as coughing and trouble breathing because of lung problems, or feeling sick to your stomach and throwing up. This happens when the energy in specific organs, like the lungs or stomach, starts to act up.