Dizziness from Simultaneous deficiency of energy and blood


1 Bleeding of various kinds with blood in light color, often seen in consumptive diseases
7 Dizziness that worsens with movement
2 Fatigue
1 Flying objects seen in front of the eyes
2 Insomnia
1 Low energy
1 Low voice
1 Numbness of limbs
1 Pale complexion and lips
1 Pale nails
2 Palpitations

Remedial Principle

to strengthen the spleen and nourish the heart and to tone up both the energy and the blood

Remedial Formula


Food Remedies

abalone, asparagus, cuttle-fish, chicken egg, duck egg, white fungus, beef liver, grape, mandarin fish, oyster, milk, beef, cherry, blood clam, longan nuts, maltose, Irish potato, sweet rice, apple cucumber, bog bean, gold carp, carrot, chestnut, ham, horse bean, hyacinth bean, Job's-tears, royal jelly, string bean, whitefish, yam, red and black date, mutton, squash and rock sugar