Dizziness from Liver-fire upsurging


2 Acute dizziness
1 Bleeding from stomach
1 Congested chest
1 Deafness
1 Depressed and hot
1 Dim eyes
1 Dry sensations in the mouth
1 Getting angry easily
1 Headache on both sides of the head and in the corners of the eyes
3 Headache that is severe
1 Hiccups
1 Nosebleed
1 Red eyes
1 Ringing in ears
1 Sleeplessness or sleep a lot
1 Vomiting of blood
1 Yellowish-red urine

Remedial Principles

to clear the heat in the liver and nourish the yin

Remedial Formula


Food Remedies

spinach, chestnut, shepherd's purse, rye, black fun-gus, vinegar, abalone, asparagus, chicken egg. white fungus, pork and royal jelly