Dizziness During Pregnancy

Dizziness and vertigo usually occur in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. They occur with different degrees of severity: very severe vertigo can be a prodromal symptom of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia.


  • Overwork
  • Excessive physical work, irregular diet


The pathology of dizziness during pregnancy is due to a deficiency and an excess. The two main pathological conditions causing it are Liver-Yang rising and Phlegm.

Identification of patterns and treatment

The patterns discussed are:

  • Liver-Blood deficiency with Liver-Yang rising
  • Liver- and Kidney-Yin deficiency with Liver-Yang rising
  • Spleen deficiency with Liver-Yang rising and Phlegm.

Prognosis and prevention

Dizziness during pregnancy responds well to treatment with acupuncture and herbs and most cases should be resolved within a few weeks of treatment. The pattern of Liver- and Kidney-Yin deficiency is more difficult to treat and is also the one that requires close monitoring because this type of dizziness may be a prodromal sign of pre-eclampsia or eclampsia. Thus, if a woman complaining of dizziness during pregnancy presents with the pattern of Liver- and Kidney-Yin deficiency with Liver-Yang rising, it might be wise to continue the treatment to the end of term even if the dizziness is relieved.

Western view

Dizziness during pregnancy is not a serious symptom from the Western point of view. It becomes serious only when it is accompanied by edema and hypertension: the combination of these symptoms and signs may indicate that the woman may develop eclampsia.