Dampness is a type of yin energy that can mess with your body. It's heavy and sticky and can make it hard for your spleen to do its job changing energy. There are two kinds: internal dampness and external dampness, and they make you feel different ways.

External dampness comes from things like wet ground, air, or rain. It can make your head feel heavy, like it's wrapped in a wet towel. You might also feel soreness in the back of your neck, a tight chest, sore lower back, tired arms and legs, and achy joints.

Internal dampness happens inside your body, often because your spleen can't handle the dampness. This happens when there's not enough yang energy in the spleen. You might feel like you don't want to eat, have loose stools, feel bloated, pee less, look a bit yellow, have swelling in your legs, have a light-colored tongue, and a slow heartbeat.