Cough in Pregnancy: Causes, Pathology, and Treatment

Cough in pregnancy is a condition that is characterized by a persistent cough, mental restlessness, and a feeling of heat. It can be caused by overwork, irregular diet, and emotional problems. The pathology of cough in pregnancy may be due to Lung-Qi deficiency, Lung-Yin deficiency, or Phlegm-Heat obstructing the Lungs.

The treatment principles for cough in pregnancy include nourishing Lung-Yin and moistening the Lungs, resolving Phlegm and clearing Heat, and restoring the descending of Lung-Qi. Particular care should be taken when using herbs that may cause miscarriage. The prognosis for cough in pregnancy is generally good, with treatment giving good results within one month. To prevent the condition, it is important to avoid overwork and emotional problems, as well as excessive consumption of dairy and greasy foods. Western medicine does not have a specific view on this condition.