Cough from Dampness-Sputum

  • 4 Cough that stops after sputum is cleared
  • 3 Discharge of abundant sputum that can be coughed out easily
  • 1 Discharge of white, watery sputum
  • 1 Dizziness
  • 1 Frequent coughs during pregnancy that are prolonged and cause motion of fetus
  • 1 Headache
  • 1 Hiccups
  • 1 Pain in the chest
  • 2 Panting
  • 1 Prolonged dizziness
  • 1 Sleep a lot
  • 1 Sleeplessness
  • 2 Vomiting
  • 1 White, sliding sputum that can be cleared from throat easily


to strengthen the spleen and dry up dampness and to transform sputum and regulate the lungs




adzuki bean, ambergris, barley, common carp, cucumber, mung bean, seaweed, shepherd's purse, star fruit, bamboo shoot, crown daisy, date, fresh ginger, leaf or brown mustard, black and white pepper, white or yellow mustard seed, asparagus and pear