Conventional Wisdom of Chinese Physicians as a Guide to Longevity

A traditional Chinese medicine physician relies on experience to guide their practice, as opposed to relying solely on abstract knowledge and established clinical procedures. They accumulate successful clinical cases throughout their career, and some even write medical classics based on their experience. Many of these physicians have achieved unparalleled longevity themselves, making them valuable resources for selecting foods for longevity.

Historical facts support the observation that outstanding Chinese physicians in the past have enjoyed longevity. For example, Meng Shen lived to be 92 years old and emphasized the importance of nourishing the body with good foods and herbs. Sun Shu Mao lived to be 101 years old and recommended avoiding laxatives after 40 years old and taking tonics year-round after 50 years old to promote longevity. Luo Ming Shan lived to be 113 years old, and a book entitled Outstanding Chinese Physicians in the Past and Their Medical Theories listed 37 of the most outstanding Chinese physicians in history, dating back to A.D. 581, with an average lifespan of 80.56 years.

In contrast, data about the lifespan of Western physicians prior to the nineteenth century is not readily available for comparison. However, a list of outstanding Western physicians in the nineteenth century showed an average lifespan of 70.93 years, 10 years less than the average lifespan of outstanding Chinese physicians. It's worth noting that many of the Chinese physicians lived before the eighteenth century, while virtually all the Western physicians lived after the eighteenth century, when life spans gradually increased.

Chinese physicians of traditional medicine have managed to live longer than their Western counterparts, demonstrating the reliability of their medical knowledge as a guide to longevity. When doctors are sick or wish to live a long life, they often follow prescriptions or a course of treatment based on their medical knowledge. The conventional wisdom of Chinese physicians can provide valuable guidance for promoting longevity through food selection.