Cold is like a tricky energy that can mess with the warm energy in your body. If your warm energy is low, your body's guard is down. That lets cold energy sneak in and make you feel all sorts of bad: chills, fever, headache, body aches, bone and joint pain, and stomach pain with loose poop.

Just like wind, cold can come from outside or inside your body. If it comes from the outside, you might feel chilly, feverish, sweat less, have headaches, body pain, and a weird feeling in your pulse. This outside cold can also make it easy for you to catch a common cold.

If the cold comes from inside your body, it's because your warm energy is low. This can make your organs work poorly and could mess up things like pee flow.

Sometimes, cold energy can strike you fast, especially if your warm energy is already low. This is called a "cold stroke." You might feel super cold in your arms and legs, and your pulse might feel really deep, fine, or slow.