Boosting Kidney Health for Weight Loss and Vitality

In my practice, I often suggest to my patients that they try to enhance their kidney health for weight loss. Some playfully ask if they need an extra kidney to shed more weight. This idea, though a bit out there, could theoretically assist in weight management. To lose weight, an extra kidney might be needed, and to gain weight, one might need to lose a kidney. The idea of kidney transplants to cure obesity and impotence simultaneously might seem novel, but it could revolutionize the medical field.

Certain foods, called yang tonics in Chinese medicine, can enhance kidney health. These tonics are believed to strengthen the body's yang energy or the kidneys' "burning fire." They include things that bolster the blood, fluids, and kidney health. Some tonics can serve multiple functions or substitute for each other.

Eating animal kidneys is highly recommended as a yang tonic, following the Chinese belief that consuming an animal's organ can strengthen the corresponding human organ. So, if your kidneys are weak, you could try eating animal kidneys. Similarly, consuming animal testicles is believed to help with impotence. In fact, some Chinese women consume animal testicles cooked in rice wine to enhance fertility.

Eating kidneys has three benefits: they are low in fat, easy to digest, and improve kidney function. If the taste is off-putting, you can improve it by cooking the kidneys in a tasty sauce. You can also stir-fry the kidneys with ginger, garlic, and chives, all of which are yang tonics.

Another effective yang tonic is liver, which can be quickly fried in vegetable oil with condiments such as ginger, garlic, or celery.

Shrimps are also recommended as a yang tonic. They are believed to dramatically increase sexual desires. However, excessive consumption of shrimp without sexual activity may lead to a nosebleed due to too much yang energy in the body.

Mussels are another effective yang tonic. They are believed to increase body temperature, particularly in the genital area, aiding in treating sexual impotence in men and frigidity in women. In China, many women cook mussels with rice wine, ginger, and black soybeans to regulate menstrual flow.

In addition to animal-derived yang tonics, certain fruits and vegetables can also serve as yang tonics. These include raspberries, yams, walnuts, chive seeds, and bitter gourd seeds. Raspberries, for instance, are believed to produce effects similar to female hormones and increase body temperature. Prolonged consumption of raspberries is also believed to improve skin conditions and prevent graying hair.

Yams act on the kidneys and help stop frequent urination in both sexes, while walnuts tone up the kidneys and benefit the lungs. Chive seeds and bitter gourd seeds are used for various purposes, particularly in relation to sexual weakness.

Remember, it's always best to consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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