Understanding Body Types and Weight Gain

An Easy Guide

Different body types have a tendency to gain weight, and it's often linked to their natural physical characteristics. People with 'hot-damp' and 'cold-damp' body types often become overweight. On the other hand, those with 'hot-dry' body types usually maintain a slim figure regardless of their diet. Generally, individuals with this body type don't struggle with obesity.

A good example of a creature with a 'hot-dry' physical constitution is a rooster. Have you ever seen a rooster gain too much weight? I haven't. When I was young and used to feed our chickens, I noticed that roosters ate faster than hens. They were quick and energetic. But despite eating the same amount, the hens would gain weight while the roosters remained lean. This experience taught me that food alone doesn't cause obesity. It happens when certain foods are eaten by specific body types.

So, the goal should be to adjust the physical characteristics of overweight individuals to resemble the 'hot-dry' type. People who are overweight often have a 'damp' body type, which means they retain excessive water in their bodies. By making changes to reduce this, it's possible to help them manage their weight more effectively.

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