Body Aches at Period Time

Many women experience aches and pains in connection with their menstrual periods. These aches and pains may occur before, during, or after the period and are often related to a blood pathology rather than to actual painful obstruction syndrome with invasion of external factors such as wind, dampness, or cold.

Blood and menstrual blood nourish the sinews, muscles, and tendons and keep the joints supple. It also flows in the channels and, by nourishing and filling them, prevents invasions of external wind. If blood is deficient, the channels are empty and prone to external wind invasions.

Excessive physical work, inadequate diet, and chronic illness can all lead to blood deficiency and contribute to the development of aches and pains during the menstrual cycle. Emotional stress and an irregular diet can also lead to blood stagnation, which can cause obstructions and lead to aches and pains.

Treatment for aches and pains during the menstrual cycle should focus on nourishing the blood to prevent the invasion of external pathogenic factors. This may include dietary changes and herbs or acupuncture to nourish the blood and improve overall health.