Blood in Urine

Blood in urine, or hematuria, is a common symptom that may indicate various underlying health issues. In Chinese medicine, the occurrence of blood in urine is often attributed to imbalances in the body's energy or vital organs. This article will explore different causes of blood in urine according to Chinese medicine, along with corresponding treatments using traditional Chinese herbal formulas and dietary recommendations.

  1. Heart-fire

Heart-fire is a condition characterized by excessive heat in the heart, leading to various symptoms such as bleeding from the gums, burning sensations during urination, cold hands and feet, red or yellowish urine, and sleeplessness. To alleviate these symptoms, the prescribed treatment is to clear the heat in the heart, cool the blood, and stop bleeding.

Remedy: Xiao-Ji-Yin-Zi

This herbal formula consists of ingredients like asparagus, pear peel, banana, bitter endive, black fungus, salt, spinach, strawberry, bamboo shoot, cucumber, Job's tears, liver, leaf beet, mung bean, peppermint, purslane, lily flower, salt, and cattail.

  1. Dampness-heat flowing downward

Dampness-heat flowing downward refers to an imbalance in the body where heat and dampness accumulate in the bladder, causing symptoms like abdominal pain, burning sensations and itch in the genitals, fever, jaundice, and reddish urine. The treatment aims to clear the heat in the bladder, promote urination, cool the blood, and stop bleeding.

Remedy: Ba-Zheng-San

This formula contains ingredients such as carp, celery, horse bean, jellyfish skin, Job's tears, prickly ash, hyacinth bean, oregano, sweet basil, adzuki bean, bamboo shoot, soybean sprouts, rosin, banana, bitter endive, black fungus, salt, spinach, strawberry, cucumber, leaf beet, mung bean, peppermint, and purslane.

  1. Simultaneous deficiency of energy and blood

This condition involves a deficiency in both energy and blood, causing symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, pale complexion, and palpitations. The treatment focuses on toning the energy and blood and constricting the blood to stop bleeding.

Remedy: Gui-Pi-Tang or Huang-Tu-Tang

These formulas feature ingredients like abalone, asparagus, cuttlefish, chicken egg, duck egg, white fungus, beef liver, grape, mandarin fish, oyster, milk, beef, cherry, blood clam, longan nuts, maltose, Irish potato, sweet rice, apple cucumber, bog bean, gold carp, carrot, chestnut, ham, horse bean, hyacinth bean, Job's tears, royal jelly, string bean, whitefish, yam, red and black date, mutton, squash, and rock sugar.

  1. Kidney deficiency

Kidney deficiency is associated with symptoms such as asthma, chronic backache, deafness, diarrhea, hair loss, and toothache. The treatment aims to nourish the yin, strengthen the kidneys, and constrict the blood to stop bleeding.

Remedy: (to be provided by a licensed practitioner)

Consult a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine to obtain a personalized prescription for kidney deficiency.


Chinese medicine offers various remedies and dietary recommendations to address the different causes of blood in urine. By understanding the underlying imbalances and following the prescribed treatments, patients can find relief and promote their overall health. It is essential to consult a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.