Blood in Stool

Blood in stool can be an alarming symptom, indicating a problem in the digestive system. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) attributes this issue to an underlying imbalance within the body, such as the spleen's inability to govern the blood. In this article, we will explore the symptoms and TCM treatments for two common causes of blood in stool: spleen dysfunction and large-intestine dampness-heat.

Spleen Dysfunction: Symptoms and Treatment

When the spleen is unable to govern the blood, several symptoms can arise, including:

  1. Blood in urine
  2. Bowel movements followed by bleeding
  3. Dark-colored blood discharge from the anus
  4. Sticky, muddy stools or diarrhea
  5. Dizziness
  6. Mental fatigue
  7. Nosebleed
  8. Palpitations
  9. Poor appetite
  10. Pure-white complexion
  11. Shortness of breath
  12. Stomach and abdomen swelling and fullness
  13. Withering and yellowish complexion

To treat spleen dysfunction and stop bleeding, TCM practitioners often prescribe formulas to strengthen the spleen, warm the middle region, and constrict the blood. Two common formulas are Gui-Pi-Tang and Huang-Tu-Tang.

To complement these treatments, a diet rich in the following foods can help nourish the spleen and restore balance:

  • Chicken, grape, longan nuts, maltose, mandarin fish, Irish potato, sweet rice, apple cucumber, bog bean, gold carp, carrot, chestnut, ham, horse bean, hyacinth bean, Job's-tears, royal jelly, string bean, whitefish, yam, red and black date, mutton, squash, rock sugar, and chicken egg yolk.

Large-Intestine Dampness-Heat: Symptoms and Treatment

When dampness-heat accumulates in the large intestine, it can lead to the following symptoms:

  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Bleeding followed by bowel movement
  3. Fresh-red colored blood in stool
  4. Damp, glossy, and reddened anus in children
  5. Diarrhea with stools containing pus and blood
  6. Blood discharge from the anus
  7. Dysentery
  8. Hemorrhoids
  9. Pain in anus with swelling and burning sensations
  10. Short and reddish streams of urine

To treat large-intestine dampness-heat and stop bleeding, TCM practitioners use formulas to clear dampness-heat in the large intestine and cool the blood, such as Chi-Xiao-Dou-Dang-Gui-San and Huai-Hua-San.

Incorporating the following foods into one's diet can also help alleviate large-intestine dampness-heat:

  • Hyacinth bean, mackerel, sweet basil, day lily, abalone, adzuki bean, celery, chicken egg white, mung bean, Job's-tears, jellyfish, and eggplant.


Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a holistic approach to treating blood in stool by addressing the root causes, such as spleen dysfunction and large-intestine dampness-heat. By utilizing herbal formulas and making dietary adjustments, individuals experiencing blood in stool can work towards restoring balance and promoting overall well-being. As with any medical condition, it is important to consult a qualified TCM practitioner or healthcare professional for personalized advice and treatment.