Aromatic: Open Orifices & Transform Damp

"Aromatic" is such an important word that it belongs to two major categories. The first is  "Open Orifices". A closed orifice looks like a stroke, sudden collapse, fainting, convulsions, coma, delirium, or stupor. These diseases involve some type of central nervous system problem. 

There are seven herbs in the "Aromatic Open Orifices" category. They are Benzoin, Borneol, Cattle Bezoard, Musk, Acorus, and Styrax. Each of these plants/minerals/animal products has a strong, pleasant smell. Interestingly, each of these herbs enters the Heart channel, and most also enter the Spleen channel. They are all mostly bitter and spicy and contraindicated in pregnancy and yin deficiency.


The second category is "Transform Damp."

The categories:
  • aromatic open orifices
  • aromatic transform damp


Open Orifices

  1. An Xi Xiang
  2. Bing Pian
  3. Long Nao
  4. Niu HUang
  5. She Xiang
  6. Shi Chang Pu
  7. Su He Xiang

Transform Damp

  1. Bai Dou Kou
  2. Cang Zhu
  3. Cao Dou Kou
  4. Cao Gui
  5. Huang Huo Xiang
  6. Hou Po
  7. Huo Xiang
  8. Pei Lan
  9. Sha Ren