Acupuncture and herbology are like two friends that help you feel better in different ways, but they're both part of Chinese Medicine.

Imagine acupuncture like a gardener who prunes your plants from the outside. The gardener uses tiny needles to touch special points on your body. This helps your energy flow better and makes you feel good.

Now, think of herbology like a chef who makes you a healing soup from the inside. The chef uses special herbs to cook meals that help your body be strong and balanced.

Both of these friends, acupuncture and herbology, follow the same big ideas from Chinese Medicine. These are things like yin and yang, the five elements (like wood and fire), and pathways in your body called meridians.

They also use the same way of figuring out what your body needs. This is like asking questions, looking at your tongue, and feeling your pulse.

So, acupuncture and herbology often work together like a team to help you feel your best. And just like a gardener and a chef make a garden and a kitchen better together, these two make your health better together too!