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Stop Coughing Powder, also known as Zhi Sou San in Pinyin, is a traditional Chinese medicinal formula used to treat a pattern of illness characterized by external wind-phlegm attacking the lungs. This pattern is typically marked by symptoms such as itchy throat, coughing, slight chills, mild fever, aversion to wind, and the production of some sputum. The underlying cause of this pattern is believed to be external wind invasion, and the treatment aims to expel the wind in order to provide relief.

The functions of Stop Coughing Powder include opening the lungs, eliminating external wind, transforming phlegm, and stopping cough. The tongue is typically thin with a white tongue coating.

The ingredients in Stop Coughing Powder include:

  • King - aster root (10g): used to expel phlegm and stop cough
  • King - stemona root (10g): used to moisten the lungs, stop cough, and relieve external itchiness
  • King - cynanchum root and rhizome (10g): used to transform phlegm
  • Minister - red tangerine peel (5g): used to circulate qi, transform phlegm, stop cough, and descend qi
  • Minister - platycodon root (10g): used to stop cough and direct the other herbs upward
  • Assistant - schizonopeta (10g): used to release external wind
  • Envoy - licorice root (4g): used to harmonize the other ingredients

Stop Coughing Powder should not be used in cases of chronic cough due to yin deficiency, or in cases where the cough is due to lung heat or phlegm in the lungs.

This information is based on the "Awakening of the Mind in Medical Studies" from 1732. It is important to note that traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic system of health care and the use of herbs should be guided by a trained practitioner.


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