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An Shen Ding Zhi Wan, also known as Calm the Shen and Settle the Emotions Pill, is a traditional Chinese herbal supplement that aims to sedate and calm the spirit. It is designed to tonify the Heart and Gallbladder qi and calm the shen, or the mind and spirit.

This supplement is intended to nourish the heart with both blood and yin, calm the kidneys, and harmonize the liver and spleen. It is typically indicated for those who are experiencing anxiety, stress, or other imbalances that affect the heart and mind.

According to traditional Chinese medicine principles, the tongue should appear light pink in color and the pulse should be wiry when taking this supplement. It is recommended to consult with a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine before starting use.


  1. Ginseng (3g)
  2. Poria (3g)
  3. Poria spirit (3g)
  4. Dragon bone (1.5g)
  5. Polygala (3g)
  6. Acorus (1.5g)
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